Diary dates: Be inspired by the European Patchwork Meeting

Monika FLAKE, Schattenspiel quilt

We love being part of the worldwide quilting movement! Seeing what our fellow quilters are up to in other countries, and sharing ideas with them always makes us feel like we’re part of an extended patchwork family. So we’re excited to hear about the 23rd European Patchwork Meeting that’s taking place in France later this month.

Sponsored postThe gathering of international quilters and textile artists takes place from 14 to 17th September in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines. It will see 38 exhibitions, 1200 quilts on show, 30 courses to top up your patchwork skills plus a stash-shopping bonanza. Over 22,000 quilters will flood to see the show from all over the world so it’s a great place to go and be inspired and meet like-minded quilt lovers.

Main quilt above is by Monika Flake ‘Schattenspiel’


Color Improvisations II Holz – Wood – Sabine-Bartsch Schnyder SaBa

How it all began

The European Patchwork Meeting is rooted in the cultural heritage of it’s location. The Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines valley was a hub for the birth of the Amish movement founded in 1693 by Jakob Amman. In 1993, passionate historians revisited the roots of this community that had by then disappeared from the valley. The European Patchwork Meeting was born two years later.

The Meeting celebrates the diversity of textile art: both traditional and contemporary. For 4 days, events will be hosted in a collection of cultural and religious places in the region. Courses are organized to discover new techniques or perfect the skills you already have. Visitors will enjoy lectures and courses from world-leading quilting experts, while a wide range of quilting supplies stands will be displaying their wares for the ultimate in stash shopping experience (think fabrics, sewing machines, kits, threads… basically our happy place!).

Stash shopping

Stash shopping with an international twist? Count us in!

While you’re there, watch out for…

We’re especially excited to see these highlights at this year’s event:

  • Annual International competition: attracting renowned artists from around the world, this year’s theme is Trip to the end of the world and is one not to miss!
  • From tradition to modernity XI: collection of quilts from the Patchwork Guild of Germany
  • Follow the thread: innovative and imaginative patchwork from the Belgian Patchwork Association
  • Hands of Korea 2016: Over 80 works from different Korean artists
  • The Polynesian Tifaifai: Beautiful colours, awesome prints – one not to miss!
  • Kaleidoscopic quilts: Paula Nadestern: US quilt maker Paula Nadelstern will be showing a range of her beautiful quilts at the show.


The European Patchwork Meeting takes place from 14 to 17th September in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines.To find out more or plan your trip, visit www.patchwork-europe.eu.

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