Fly high with our new Flying Geese templates

How to sew Flying Geese

Crisp Flying Geese are a must for any quilter’s repertoire! We’ve created a multi-size acrylic template to help you sew perfect angles and sharp corners on all your Flying Geese blocks. Pre-order your copy of issue 69 to give it a go!

Our new issue of Love Patchwork & Quilting goes on sale here in the UK on 28th December 2018. Every printed copy comes with two Flying Geese templates to help you sew a variety of finished size FG blocks. Nifty eh? Here’s how…

How to sew Flying Geese blocks with our acrylic templates

Step one: Choose your required finished size, and use the same coloured line on each template when cutting your pieces. Cut strips of fabric to size from the top of the ruler to your chosen size line.

Step two: Align the marked line with the bottom of your strips, and trim along both sides of the large triangle template (Fig 1). Turn your template around to cut the next piece, matching up the diagonal edges (Fig 2). Keep working in this way until you have cut the required number of centre triangles for your project.

Flying Geese tutorial

Step three: Use the bottom corners of the template to cut the bottom corners for the large triangle pieces (Fig 3).

Step four: Fold a strip of fabric in half, and use the small template to cut pieces two at a time (Fig 4). Cutting the pieces on folded fabric will yield two mirror image pieces (Fig 5). Trim the corners of the triangles as before.

Step five: Place one small triangle right sides together with a large triangle. Sew along the edge and press open. Place the second triangle on the other side, sew, and press open to complete one Flying Geese unit (Fig 6).