Bring on Autumn! EPP, fat quarters & fairytale quilts here we come

German quilt trip Marktplatz_Goslar

If it wasn’t for the fact that we love curling up for cosy Autumn nights of quilting, we’d be a bit sad that summer’s almost gone here in the UK. But there’s something about Fall that brings with it the promise of new quilting adventures. The new school term brings with it a surge in creativity, so we thought we’d share  a few of the September quilt projects that we’re tackling with a renewed sense of purpose this season…

  • We WILL finally finish that EPP quilt top that’s been in progress for 18 months now! It’s the perfect soothing stitching to snuggle up with on darker nights.
  • We WILL use up some of those fat quarter treasures that are lying, neglected, on our quilting table… before we buy any new fabric (honest).
  • We WILL make at least one thing from our ever-growing quilt wish list of projects – we’re forever hoarding quilting ideas in the form of browser bookmarks, Pinterest pins and tear sheets of quilts we want to try, now we’re determined to make some of them happen.
  • We WILL beat the Winter blues this year by booking a quilty adventure for 2018!

We just heard that our friends at Stitchtopia are planning a great tour here on our European doorstep next June. The German Quilt Show and Hand Stitch in the Harz Mountains holiday is a 6-night-trip, led by quilt pro Pat Archibald, taking in the German Quilters Guild highlight of the year at an international festival of patchwork, quilts, and textile arts. The festival will take place in Celle – a lovely town in North Germany, and holiday-goers on the trip will journey through the beautiful Harz Mountains, visiting quilt shops, enjoying quilting workshops and taking in the sights (this was the area that inspired the Brothers Grimm for many of the fairytales that we grew up with).

You can find out more about the tour at

German quilters market montage