Gadgets we love: light up your pattern picks

Diamond patchwork quilt baby

When it comes to choosing the right fabrics for your next patchwork project, we quilters know the importance of picking the right ranges that will really shine once we’ve cut, pieced and stitched them into beautiful new quilt top units. We’ve been known to spend hours pouring over our fabric stash, trying to decide exactly which fabrics combos will pop, and with Autumn evenings already getting darker here in the UK, we’re grateful for a little helping hand.

Sponsored postThis month we’ve been trying out the new DuoLamp from Daylight Company, to give our sewing table a boost when it comes to seeing which prints and patterns to match. The lamp gives daylight effect, any time of day, giving a crisp, clear light that allows you to see your patchwork project, no matter how grey a day or dark a night outside. As well as coming in handy for fabric selecting, it’s pretty nifty to have to hand when you’re threading your machine needle during late night quilting sessions!

The lamp has two separate shades, so you can either focus them on two areas of your workspace to brighten the whole room, or combine their powers and focus them together on one complex section of stitching for super-bright clarity. Its unique daylight bulbs provide the best light for keen quilting eyes, plus it gives true colours, so it’s perfect for pulling colour palettes that really pop.

Whether you’re sewing at the dining room table or you’re lucky enough to have a whole room with sewing-desk on hold at all times, you can adjust the lamp to suit your space, as it can be moved around and clamped to different surfaces, and with its crisp white colour, it blends into any room’s colour scheme.

You can find out more about the new DuoLamp and see stockist information over at

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