Community news! Let’s all go on a handmade getaway


There are few things in life that we love more than getting together with friends to share what we’re sewing. So we were excited to hear of a new venture that’s aiming to support handmade gatherings of all shapes and sizes. Because who doesn’t love to sew along with fellow makers?

Handmade Getaway is the brainchild of makers and friends, Karyn Valino & Jacqueline Sava. They’re planning a project-based book that guides you through planning and creating a perfect sewing adventure filled with fabric, friends and food. Sounds heavenly!

We think everyone deserves a crafty getaway, so we’re here to find out more about their plans in this sponsored post.

“We want to share the love by helping you plan your own handmade getaway with fellow makers,” the pair told us. “Whether you’re planning to leave town for a few days or you’re getting together for an afternoon of sewing at home, this book is filled with great projects, pro tips and helpful planning tools for a successful handmade getaway.”

A community project

The pair have got the idea, the photos and the words, but now they need our help to make it happen!

They’ve launched a Kickstarter page to fund the costs of publishing their book, aiming to raise over £35,000 to get the presses rolling and the pages printed. And they’ve got 30 days to do it!

“We are so proud of the work we’ve done, the projects we’ve created and the knowledge we’ve gathered – so we’re excited to share it with our sewing community,” they told us.

As well  as pre-ordering your copy on the page, you can buy one of a range of thank you treats that the pair have arranged to support their project – ranging from $2 for a ‘thank-you’ to $10,000 for an all-inclusive getaway for 10 people to Maker’s Luck in Dripping Springs, Texas. Tools and notions used on getaways such as Reliable Irons, the Pathways Ruler and Essex fabric by Robert Kaufman are also included in creative rewards designed for every mood and budget. Designer Lizzy House is bringing her Meadow Quilt Class out of retirement for one last session for 15 people (and 15 books) at $3500.

If all goes well, the first books will be ready to ship this May.

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Karyn’s photos capture the magical feeling of getting away from it all with your sewing machine!

How did they come up with the idea?

Karyn – a photographer, runs a workroom for her local maker community which opened her eyes to the community, friendship and love that’s out there to discover through crafts.

“Handmade getaways are a rare chance to gift ourselves the freedom to sew morning to night, to eat all the delicious things, to take care of our friends, but also to let them take care of us. There is nothing like it.” she says. Between projects, charts and pro tips in the new book you’ll find Karyn’s photos – she’s has been documenting her own getaways since 2011 and has taken thousands of images from these semi-annual trips.

Jacqueline is the founder of Soak Wash inc – making Soak modern laundry care and Flatter ironing spray: much loved by quilters everywhere. She also teaches design strategy and teaches too.

“The first time I took my sewing machine to the cottage, it was a magical mix of all my favorite things: the quiet view of the lake, the warm summer sun and the humming of my machine as I worked away. I knew immediately that I needed to bring my friends to experience this magic, and so began the handmade getaways.”

Let’s all go on a Handmade Getaway

Whether you’re just learning how to sew or you’re an pro maker, Jacqueline and Karyn have planned five chapters, to help you plan an event to remember. They’ve covered everything from planning to execution – whether you only have a few hours to spend or you’re planning a multi-day getaway. Each chapter covers fabric, friends and food, with tips and resources to help you plan.

“After years of hosting our own homemade getaways, we’ve maximized small spaces, devised plans for sharing responsibilities around food and supplies, and created a coveted experience everyone looks forward to all year round. We’ve learned lessons that only come with years of experience – and the biggest one is that a little planning goes a long way.”

The book also features a tear-away pattern sheet at 100%, making it not only a beautiful, but functional.

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