Show roundup: Pour l’Amour du Fil

Jessie Fincham

We’re huge fans of the now iconic La Passacaglia Quilt – so how could we miss the opportunity to speak to the designer herself?


The La Passacaglia Quilt is just one of many gorgeous to be found in Millefiori Quilts by Dutch quilt designer Willyne Hammerstein. Her work has captured the hearts of modern quilters, and we’re seeing fussy-cut EPP versions of La Pass popping up all over the place. So imagine our delight when LP&Q contributor Jessie Fincham got in touch to tell us that she would be attending The Pour l’Amour du Fil – a show organised annually by none other than Quiltmania, the publishers of Millefiori Quilts. And not only that, but she planned to meet Willyne in person! So without further ado, let’s hand over to our roving reporter to hear more about her quilty adventures in France…


La Passacaglia Quilt pattern by Jessie Fincham

“The Pour l’Amour du Fil saw thousands of quilter’s flock to the city of Nantes, France to rejoice in their ‘love of thread’. Featuring exhibitions from a diverse range of leading international quilters, the theme for this year’s show was ‘Flower Power’, with an explosive display of giant crocheted granny squares and a garden path of floral puffballs and pinwheels to greet visitors as they entered. The 2015 line up included; Bill Volckening, Irene Blanck, Kaye England, Tomie Nagano, Fumiko Nakayama, Kimberly Rado, Dijanne Cevaal and yes, creator of La Pass herself Willyne Hammerstein!


La Passacaglia Quilt by Jessie Fincham

I attended a workshop on ‘fussy-cutting’ with Willyne, and managed to pick her brain for a few tidbits to share with LP&Q readers. A surprise to me, and perhaps a lot of her fans is she doesn’t EPP at all [cue shocked gasps from team LP&Q] she actually hand pieces all her quilts! She works on new designs most days, with mornings dedicated to working on patterns (her favourite part of the process), afternoons spent cutting and then sewing in the evening. I was pleased to hear that her least favourite part is quilting, which is also mine! Her favourite fabrics to work with are classic Japanese silks and her favourite colour to use is yellow. The now infamous Passacagalia quilt has a meaning of ‘warm music’ so she chose a warm colour palette to suit the quilt – it also sold in one week when it was first exhibited! Fans will also be pleased to hear that she has a third book in the works, but hold tight it won’t be out for a couple of years at least, as it’s taken her five years to complete all the quilts from her first two books. So perhaps we’ll have time to finish that Passacaglia quilt after all!?”


Read more about the show at Jessie’s blog, or follow her on Instagram @messyjessie_1.

If you fancy giving La Pass a go, pop on over to Jessie’s gorgeous online store Sew and Quilt to buy everything you need to get started, including pre-cut paper templates. And for more inspiration check out our favourite quilts from Instagram, below. So, what are you waiting for!