Quilty Advent Calendar: Day 9 Free Santa FPP template

Foundation paper piecing santa template

Ho ho ho! We spy a friendly Father Christmas behind today’s door of our Quilty Advent calendar! For day 9 we’ve created this sweet little Santa tag for you to sew, including the FPP template. Isn’t he a cutie?

Every day from now to Christmas we’re revealing a new free project or giveaway for you. This Santa foundation paper piecing template is the first of six seasonal tags we’ll be bringing you as part of this series. Sew him as a gift tag or why not sew each design as we reveal them into a square block and piece with solid squares to make a festive mini quilt?

Come back and visit us again to find the next design – we’ll be bringing you an FPP candy cane on Monday for Day 11! Then watch out later in the month for our Christmas tree, stocking, cracker and bauble blocks to complete the set.

How to sew a Santa gift tag

You will need…

A few things before you begin

  • Each finished tag measures 4in x 3in.
  • If you’ve never tried foundation paper piecing before, check out our How to FPP tutorial to learn the ropes
  • Tip: As you sew, remember to cut your seams to 14in after you add each new piece and then press – this will stop your tag from getting too bulky.

How to make the tag

Step one: Download and print out our free Santa FPP template (PDF)

Step two: Foundation piece the Santa tag shape using fabric scraps. You’ll see a red line on the template – this means you have to cut the template into two part, either side of the red line (A and B). It’s very important that you add a 14in seam to the red edge before you start to sew! Otherwise the two parts won’t match up when you come to join them. So each finished section will have a 14in seam all around its edge.

Step three: Once you’ve finished sewing the two pieces, join them together along the red line with a 14in seam and press. You’ll be left with a Santa tag shape including 14in seam allowance around the edge.

Step four: Now it’s time to turn your design into a tag! You’ve already sewn one tag shape. Cut a second tag shape from any fabric you like using the dashed outer line of the downloadable tag template as your pattern. Place the two tag shapes right sides together.

Step five: Fold your ribbon in half to form a loop. Position the loop in between the two pieces of fabric so it sandwiched in between them with the fold of the loop lying in the centre of the tag shape and the two cut ends of the ribbon poking out from the top edge by about 14in.

Step six: Sew all around the edge of the tags leaving a 14in seam and a small hole along the bottom edge of the tag, so that you can use it to turn the tag inside out. Turn the tag inside out and the ribbon loop should be poking out from the top edge. Press the tag and slip stitch the hole together to finish.

TIP: To add a more personal feel,  embroider the name of your gift recipient on the back of the tag before you sew the front and back together.

Day 9 free santa FPP template