How to set up a successful booth

Jeni Baker Bunting Tips for a Successful Stand

Want to know how to set up a successful booth at a craft show?

Whether you’re exhibiting at a quilting show, organizing a shop display or selling at a craft fair table, Jeni Baker of talks us through a few tricks that can help make your set up more successful!

Jeni Baker

Jeni Baker advises us how to set up a successful stand – watch and learn!

1. Decide on a Theme  You’d be surprised how much easier it is to plan a display when you have a theme. For my stand, I focused on projects that felt very geometric. Simple shapes, bold design, and well organized. Having a central theme made it easy to choose projects and décor. It made me feel less overwhelmed!

Jeni Baker Fractal Quilt Tips for a Successful Stand

2. Make it Visually Appealing  This seems like an obvious one, but it’s truly important! Use clean and easy to read signage, leave clutter to a minimum, and put your best foot forward. You want your display to catch the eye, but for good reasons! Consider décor from the visitor’s point of view.

Jeni Baker Geometric Bliss Sign Jeni Baker Lined Drawstring Bag Jeni Baker Fractal Quilt Tips for a Successful Stand

3. Create depth  Make products or projects easy to see by arranging things at different levels. Simple shelving, stands, and even pretty boxes can be helpful. Especially on a table, things don’t always display well flat. Consider a coat stand, or hooks to hang a few things.

Jeni Baker Quilt Ladder

4. Variety  Having a good variety of things gives your visitors a lot to look at, and choose from! For Quilt Market, I try to make sure I have simple and advanced projects as well as small and large projects. Take this into account when planning your display.

Jeni Baker Lined Drawstring Bag Jeni Baker Fractal Quilt Tips for a Successful Stand

5. Add Whimsy  Sometimes stands can have a bit of a cold feel, so I like to add a few fun details that make it feel a little more lively. For me, it’s nearly always bunting. It reflects my personality, and I think makes my stand more approachable. Fresh flowers or a personal memento can make your stand feel more special.

Jeni Baker Bunny  Tips for a Successful Stand

6. Information Sharing  Since I know I’ll never spend every minute in my stand, I make sure to label my projects with pattern or tutorial information whenever I can. This is more important when you’re selling projects, of course. Having business cards or flyers with additional information about your products lets visitors find you after the show!

Jeni Baker Datura Blouse : Apron

My best advice for an exhibiting at an event is to be prepared, but take care of yourself. Many of us are tempted to forgo sleep to work on additional projects, but in the long run, one extra project isn’t going to make a difference. Take time to relax before your event, and get plenty of sleep. You’ll feel more relaxed and fresh interacting with visitors, and have a more successful time. Make sure to plan time to take breaks, eat lunch, and drink plenty of water.

Finally, smile! Be professional, but friendly! Enjoy yourself!