Up your quilting game! {ALERT awesome book giveaway}

Christ Watson stencils

If you fancy trying your hand at free-motion quilting but aren’t quite sure where to start, Christa Watson is here to help! She’s designed the free quilting stencils that we’re giving away with issue 44 and is our go-to source for essential quilting advice. Christa is an award-winning quilter, designer, author and teacher, who mixes a traditional quilt making background with a passion for modern design. We’ve got two copies of her latest book to give away, created in collaboration with her QBF (Quilting Best Friend) Angela Walters. Read on to enter our giveaway, and to find out more about Christa’s ultra-handy stencils!

The Ultimate Guide to Machine QuiltingGet the best results from your quilting

We’re often guilty of getting so carried away with the fabrics and patterns of our quilt tops, that the actual art of quilting doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Angela and Christa’s The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting has changed all that. It’s one of the most useful books we’ve come across, and we’ve read a lot of quilting books!

The pair have packed these pages with tips, techniques and advice for getting better results from both long-arm and regular machine quilting. With a whopping 50 different quilting motifs, it’s any quilter’s best friend – taking you from fabric to finish with step-by-step guides. Each design is made by both Christa and Angela, one on an everyday sewing machine and one using a long-arm machine, so you can quilt to perfection, whatever your style.

We’ve got two copies of this super-handy book to giveaway. To enter, simply enter your details here before the giveaway closes on 28th February at 10.55pm UK time. Or if you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, grab a copy today in the Roundhouse shop and you can get 25% off with the code LPCHRISTA.

Ready to get quilting? Grab your free stencils!

Christa has designed 5 quilting templates, and you can get them free with issue 44 of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine. With a selection of delicious spirals, squares, swirls and geometric patterns in the pack for you to play with, you’re sure to find the perfect pattern to compliment your quilt top.

  • Trace the stencil motif of your choice onto the quilt using a pencil or a washable fabric pen.
  • Choose your stencil design according to your quilt. More intricate designs work well for small sections of solid     fabric, while big, graphic designs will stand out across a whole quilt.
  • Decide how you want to expand the design over the rest of your quilt. You can rotate the pattern if you like, or simply repeat it. Take the stencil and line it up with the last line you drew, then continue the pattern from that line.
  • You can use more than just one design in your quilt! Mix and match across each section to add interest to the quilt top.

Christ’s book includes really useful advice for how to use quilting for striking results. This Cornered quilt shows the effects you can achieve by mixing and matching different motifs. With Christa’s advice you can avoid common issues such as the quilt bunching up as you quilt across a large area.

Exploding Star - Ultimate Guide

This Exploding Star quilt is quilted in with a large central sprial, surrounded overlapping spirals rippling out to the quilt edges. If only we knew where you could find a spiral template to get you started…. oh wait! There’s one in issue 44’s quilting templates pack. Check out Christa and Angela’s book for more tips on how to create this design, among many others.