Hi Hexie! Piece-it clever with our triangle quilt tutorial

Hi Hexie triangles quilt

We do love it when we get to play with 60-degree triangles on our quilt tops! They’re loads of fun to piece together, always guarantee a crisp, geometric effect, and are so versatile in their arrangement. Our love of the humble triangle has just levelled up and it’s all thanks to Jenny Woodward. She’s designed this happy-making Hi Hexie triangle quilt, especially for us! Jenny’s design gives simple rows of triangles a clever twist as she places pops of colour against crisp white backing fabric to create a large-scale hexagon effect. Read her full step-by-step tutorial for how to make this quilt below.

In case you haven’t already discovered her work, Jenny is a quilter, pattern designer and quilt teacher, based in Sydney, Australia. You can follow her on instagram @jacksroom or over on her beautiful quilts over on her website jacksroomquilts.blogspot.com

How to sew the Hi Hexie triangle quilt

You will need…

  • Print fabrics: sixteen (16) fat eighths
  • Background fabric (white): 4 1/8yd
  • Backing fabric: 4 1/2yds
  • Batting: 78in square
  • Binding: 5/8yd

Finished size

72in square approx


  • When we refer to fractions, due to font restraints on the blog, we can’t display fractions clearly here due to font restraints, so we use a space and italics to indicate where a fraction occurs – for example: 3 ½in = three and a half inches
  • Seam allowances are 1/4in, unless otherwise noted.
  • Press seams open, unless instructed otherwise.
  • WOF = width of fabric.
  • WST = wrong sides together.
  • This quilt was quilted with an all over Triangle Meander design by Birgit Hoffman of Black Sheep Quilting

Hi Hexies triangle quilt 3

Cutting out

Step one: From each fat eighth cut:

  • One (1) 5in x WOF strip.
  • One (1) 2 1/2in x WOF strip. Subcut to give two (2) 9in x 2 1/2in rectangles and one (1) 2 1/2in square. You will only need a total of four (4) 2 1/2in squares for this quilt.

Step two: From the background fabric cut:

  • Twelve (12) 5in x WOF strips.
  • Three (3) 10 1/2in x WOF strips.
  • Four (4) 13 1/2in x WOF strips.

Step three: From the binding fabric cut eight (8) 2 1/2in x WOF strips.

Cutting out the triangles

Step four: Take the 5in x WOF print and white strips. Referring to Figs A–D, cut a total of ninety (90) print fabric triangles and one hundred and twenty (120) white triangles.


Assembling the quilt top

Step five: Arrange the print and white triangles into ten rows of twenty-one triangles each as shown (Fig 1). The print triangles are arranged into three concentric hexagons.


Fig 1

Step six: Sew the triangles into rows, then join the rows, making sure care to match the points.

Step seven: Square up the quilt top, cutting 1/4in beyond the points of the triangles at the side edges and taking care to create a 90-degree angle at each corner. The quilt centre should measure 48 1/2in x 42 1/2in.

Step eight: Take the three 101/2in x WOF white strips and sew together end-to-end with straight seams. Measure the height of the quilt centre and cut two strips to this measurement – it should measure approx 48 1/2in high. Sew a strip to each side of the quit centre.

Step nine: Take the four 13 1/2in x WOF white strips and sew together end-to-end with straight seams. Measure the width of the quilt and cut two strips to this measurement – it should measure approx 68 1/2in wide. Sew a strip to the top and bottom of the quilt centre

Step ten: Take eight different 9in x 2 1/2in print rectangles and join on their short ends to make a 68 1/2in x 2 1/2in pieced strip. Repeat to make a total of four pieced strips.

Step 11: Join a pieced strip to two opposite sides of the quilt centre.

Step 12: To each end of the two remaining pieced strips join a 2 1/2in print square. Then join these strips to the two remaining sides of the quilt centre to complete the quilt top.

Hi Hexie triangle quilt detail

Quilting and finishing

Step 13 Cut the backing fabric in half across the width. Remove the selvedges and re-join the pieces along the length with a 1/2in seam. Press the seam open.

Step 14 Press the quilt top and backing well. Make a quilt sandwich by placing the backing fabric right side down, the batting on top, then the quilt top centrally and right side up. The backing and batting are slightly larger than the quilt top. Baste the layers together using your preferred method.

Step 15 Quilt as desired. Jenny quilted an all over Triangle Meander design by Birgit Hoffman of Black Sheep Quilting

Step 16 Trim off the excess batting and backing fabric, and square up the quilt.

Step 17 Sew the binding strips together end-to-end using diagonal seams. Press the seams open and trim away the dogears. Fold in half lengthwise, WST, and press.

Step 18 Sew the binding to the right side of the quilt, folding a mitre at each corner, then fold the binding over to the back of the quilt and hand stitch in place to finish.

Hi Hexie triangle quilt detail binding

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