How to make a fabric heart

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Handmade gifts are such a lovely idea for Valentine’s Day, so we want to show you how to make a fabric heart.

Add a chic edge to your creation using Liberty Lifestyle fabric as Needles&Lemons’ Judith Dahmen has done here with scraps from Liberty’s Stile and Bloomsbury collections. However you can use any fabric from your stash!

You will need:
• Assorted fabric scraps 6in x 12in
Liberty Lifestyle fabric can be bought online at official stockists including Clothkits and Fabrics Galore
• Decorative ribbon
• Polyester filling

Finished Size: About 4in

Try this: For a fragrant alternative to polyester filling use dried lavender instead.

1. Trace the heart from the template on to paper and cut out (print the template at 100% size, or you could even draw your own!). Use a pen to trace the heart on to the wrong sides of your fabric scraps and cut out.

Step 1


2. Cut a length of ribbon and place onto the right side of one side the heart as shown. Place the second side on top with the wrong side facing you. Pin all around the edges of the heart, catching the ends of the ribbon in place as you do so. Ensure that the raw ends of the ribbon are sticking out at the centre of the heart.

Step 2a

Step 2b


3. Using a small stitch length, machine or hand stitch all around the edges of the heart, leaving a small opening at one of the sloping sides. Cut small snips from the outer edge towards the seam along the curves. This will help to keep the edges smooth when turning.

Step 3a

Step 3b


4. Turn the heart right sides out and use your fingers to ease the curves gently into the right shape. Press with a warm iron then fill with stuffing. Close the opening with a few small hand stitches.

Step 4

Liberty Hearts Trio!


5.  Give to the one you love (or keep it for yourself – we would!) xxx

Photographs © Judith Dahmen and Love Patchwork & Quilting