How to make a chevrons quilt block

How to make a quilt block chevrons

Looking for a super-satisfying project to keep your sewing machine busy this weekend? Look no further! Whip up eight half square triangles at a time for this quick-fix quilt block. In our free tutorial, we’ll talk you through how to make Lynne Goldsworthy’s Ric Rac block. This eye-catching block design is just one of over 70 blocks featured in The Ultimate Quilt Block Collection, out this week. This free taster tutorial is great for beginners as half-square triangles are one of the easiest block units to cut and sew. We’ll show you how to make a quilt block with half square triangle chevrons below, and as a bonus treat we’ve included two ways to mix up your block for different effects… read on to find out how!

How to make the ric rac block

You will need

Finished size

12½in square (12in square once pieced into your quilt top)


  • Seam allowances are ½in, unless otherwise noted.
  • Press seams open, unless otherwise instructed.
  • Wash and press all fabrics well before cutting.
  • Shorten your stitch length to 1.5 for paper piecing.
  • HST = half-square triangle.

How to make a quilt block ric rac layout

Above: layout diagram: Chevron block

How to piece the ‘Ric Rac’ chevron block

Step one: Put the Fabric A square right sides together with a Fabric C square and pin to the back of the template, making sure that the cream fabric (Fabric C) is next to the paper and that the squares completely cover the printed area of the template.

Step two: Sew along the red lines. Remember to shorten your stitch length – this means the paper will be easier to tear away at the end.

Step three: Cut through all the black lines on the template to give eight triangles. Trim off the corners of each triangle (Fig 1).

Step four: Press your HST units with the seam toward the darker fabric, leaving the paper in place to help stabilise the seam. Once pressed, remove the papers by gently tearing away.

Step five: Repeat steps 1–5, pairing the Fabric B square and the remaining Fabric C square. Once complete, you will have sixteen (16) 3½in HSTs in total.

Step six: Using the layout diagram (above) as a reference, arrange the HSTs. Sew the units into rows (Fig 2). Press the seams in alternate directions in each row so that they will nest neatly when the rows are sewn together.

Step seven: Sew the rows together to make the finished block. Press seams open or to one side as desired.

How to make a quilt block ric rac Figs 1-2

Chevron remix: give your block a whole new look!

Half-square Triangles are a great staple for any quilter and, as you can see below, simply re-arranging their placement can create a new-look block in no time. Designer Lynne’s foundation paper piecing technique is perfect for piecing HSTs accurately, eight at a time!

How to make a quilt block chevron remix

You will need

Finished size

12½in square (12in square once pieced into your quilt top)

How to piece the block

Step one: Make as for Ric Rac block but following the layout of the HSTs shown in the Chevron block, remix layout diagram (below).

How to make a quilt block ric rac remix layout

Above: layout diagram: Chevron block, remix

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