Scottie dog mini quilt: a thank you

Scottie dog quilt

Our super-cute Scottie Dog mini quilt in issue 37 has proved to be one of our most popular projects in recent months, designed by Juliet Van Der Heijden, also known as The Tartan Kiwi. Juliet’s design was part of a trio of FPP playful pups, and it’s an interesting example of the story of a quilt. Juliet recently posted a thought-provoking post on her blog about copyright issues – Copyright, copy wrong. She revealed that in the case of the Scottie Dog quilt, while the idea of a fresh take on the traditional Scottie Dog image was hers, she turned to the internet for inspiration for the actual dog shape, and discovered a random clipart image that she found online, initially uncredited. Following her conscience, Juliet dug a little deeper into who the image belonged to, discovered it was created by Ann Kallas of, so she contacted her directly about her quilt design and the story ends well. Ann gave her blessing for her Scottie image to be used, and Juliet is planning to sell the finished quilt to raise funds to donate to an animal shelter.

But this Scottie story has got us thinking. As part of the quilting community, we all look to each other for inspiration (and we love to see what other designers and quilters are making), but we also believe in supporting independent designers and artists and protecting their copyright. So we want to thank both Ann and Juliet for giving us all the gift of quilted patchwork pups. They have brought us much happiness!