Pattern Correction: Issue 50, 32 Modern Quilt Blocks

Love Patchwork & Quilting issue 50 quilt blocks

We’ve noticed a couple of errors in our upcoming 32 Modern Quilt Blocks booklet. We’re really sorry about this – we check every pattern as thoroughly as we can before we go to print, but this time some errors have slipped through the net!

We’ve updated the digital edition to reflect these amends but if you have the print version, please find them below:


In the Crosses block on p20, step 2 should read:

To make the top and bottom rows, sew one Fabric A 1½in square to one Fabric B 1½in square.Repeat to make a total of four Fabric AB units.


In the Squares block on p54, cutting out instructions should read:

■ Fabric A: two (2) 2½in squares.

■ Fabric B: Two (2) 1½in x 2½in.

■ Fabric C: Two (2) 1½in x 4½in.

■ Fabric D: Two (2) 1½in x 6½in and one (1) 2½in square.


In the Stripes block on p80, the cutting out instructions should read:

■ Fabric A: One (1)1in x 6½in and two (2) 1½in x 4½in.

■ Fabric B: Two (2) 1¼in x 6½in and two (2) 1½in x 2½in.

■ Fabric C: Four (4) 1½in squares and four (4) 1½in x 2½in.