Pattern correction: Issue 77 Popsicle Party

Popsicle Party by Art Gallery Fabrics

We’ve noticed a few errors in the instructions for Popsicle Party from issue 77.


On p20, 21 and 22, the cutting instructions should read:

Step 1: Cut two (2) 914in squares.

Step 2: Cut seven (7) 514in squares.

Step 3: Cut four (4) 514in squares.

Cut two (2) 914in squares.

Step 5: Cut four (4) 514in squares.

Step 6: Cut two (2) 914in squares.

Step 8: Cut two (2) 514in squares.

Step 9: Cut two (2) 514in squares.

Step 10: Cut four (4) 514in squares.

 Step 13: Cut two (2) 514in squares.

 Step 16: Cut two (2) 914in squares.

 Step 18: Cut two (2) 514in squares.

Step 19: Cut one hundred (100) 278in squares.

Cut thirty two (32) 478in squares.

Cut one hundred (100) 412in squares.

Seven (7) 214in x WOF strips.


On p22, the heading before step 20 should read “4-in-1 Flying Geese” instead of 8-in-1.

Step 20 should read “Position two RST with a Fabric A (Fabric B) 91/4in square”

Step 22 should read “…using Fabric A, C, F (J, M) and P…”


On p 23, step 23 should read “…using Fabric B, C, E, H, I, J, M and R…

Step 26 should read “…using Fabric E, I, J, M and R…”


We’re really sorry about this, we check every pattern as thoroughly as we can before we go to print, but this time some errors have slipped through the net!