Clever curves: how to sew a Drunkard’s Path quilt

Drunkard's Path quilt

Master curves, both big and small, with this technicolour quilt project. We’ll show you how to make the most of your free Drunkard’s Path templates…

You will need

  • Rainbow fabrics: thirteen (13) 5in squares
  • Background fabric: one (1) fat quarter
  • Batting: 15in square
  • Backing fabric: one (1) fat quarter
  • Binding fabric: one (1) fat quarter
  • Drunkard’s Path templates – free  with issue 57 or download our PDF template.

Finished size

1312in square


Seam allowances are 14in throughout, unless otherwise noted.. 

Cutting out

Step one: From each of six (6) of your rainbow fabrics, cut one large Part B template.

Step two: From each the remaining seven (7) of your rainbow fabrics, cut two (2) small Part B templates. Note, you will have a total of fourteen pieces, but only twelve will be used.

Step three: From the background fabric cut six (6) large Part A templates and twelve (12) small Part A templates.

Step four: From the binding fabric cut four (4) 212in x 22in strips.

Step five: Follow the instructions below to stitch all the large and small blocks. You will have six (6) large blocks and twelve (12) small blocks. Trim the larger blocks to  5in square and the smaller blocks to  234in square.

Step six: Arrange the blocks as shown, referring to the photo. Sew the small blocks together in pairs. Then join the blocks together in three rows. Join the rows to complete the quilt top.

Step seven: Make a quilt sandwich using your backing, batting and completed quilt top. Baste in place and quilt as desired. We have quilted simple gridded lines.

Step eight: Trim away excess batting and backing, and square up the quilt. Sew your binding strips together end to end and use to bind the quilt.

Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine free drunkard's path templatesHow to sew a Drunkard’s Path quilt block

Issue 57 comes with a free set of Drunkard’s Path templates. You can download a PDF version here. Here’s how to use them to sew up clever curved quilt blocks.

Step one: Using one set of templates, cut out one piece of fabric using Part A, and a contrasting piece of fabric using Part B. Fold each piece in half once and press to make a crease to mark the centre of each curve (Fig A).

How to sew Drunkard's Path quilt blocks step 1

Step two: With the Part B fabric right side up, lay the Part A piece on top, right side down. Match the centres and each end and pin in place. Ease the Part A fabric along the curve between the points and pin in place (Fig B).

How to sew Drunkard's Path quilt blocks step 2

Step three: Sew along the curved edge of the pinned pair, using a 18in seam allowance. Go slowly, pivoting with the needle down to make a smooth curve. Press the seam to one side to complete one block (Fig C).

How to sew Drunkard's Path quilt blocks step 3