How to make an EPP star phone cosy

EPP star phone cosy

We’re loving the instagram #getyourquiltywishesgranted posts that are shining some happy patchwork rays on our Insta feed lately! We’ll be joining in and granting a few quilty wishes of our own in the coming weeks, to spread some love into the patchwork universe. Tell us your wish with the hashtag #getyourquiltywishesgranted and we’ll do our best to make it come true! Our first wish granting post is this EPP phone case tutorial for reader Liza Young.

Liza wished for a copy of issue 14, as she wants to make the free EPP phone case covergift that we featured that issue. So we’re waving our magic wand and granting her wish! We’ve popped a copy of the phone case kit in the post for you, and read on for our EPP star phone cosy tutorial, including  free quilting templates to help make English Paper Piecing triangles.

You will need

  • One (1) piece of Fabric A (5½in x 31/8in red)
  • One (1) piece of Fabric B (5½in x 13/8in blue)
  • Two (2) pieces of felt (5¼in x 3½in)
  • Ribbon 3¾in long
  • Button ½in
  • 20 paper triangle templates – download our free quilting templates here
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Basting glue (optional)

Finished Size

  • 4¾in x 3in approx


  • Download our free quilting templates here
  • Or to make your own templates, we’ve used equilateral triangles with 7/8in sides.
  • Seams are ¼in throughout, unless otherwise stated.

Step by step: how to make an EPP star cosy

Cutting out

Step one Trim a 3½in x 1¾in strip from the top of Fabric A. Cut the remaining Fabric A and B strips into triangles, adding a scant ¼in seam allowance to the paper templates. You will need seven (7) of Fabric A and six (6) of Fabric B (Fig a).

Piecing the star motif

Step two Thread or glue baste the fabric triangles around your paper templates.

Step three Sew one red and one blue triangle together to form a diamond shape, using a whip stitch. Repeat with the remaining triangles (Fig b). You will need six (6) red/blue diamonds.

English Paper Piecing tutorial Figs A-B

Step four Sew the diamonds together in two sets of three, to form the upper and lower half of the star. Then sew these two halves together across the middle (Fig c).

Step five Sew the completed star to one piece of felt, tucking under the fabric ‘ears’ as you come to them.

Assembling the case

Step six Press ½in of your Fabric B strip to the reverse along one long edge. Line up the raw edge with the top of felt (the piece with the attached star), right sides together and sew in place. (Fig d).

English Paper Piecing star case tutorial Figs C - D

Step seven Press the fabric strip to the reverse, with the folded edge covering your previous line of stitching. From the front of the felt, stitch in the ditch to secure.

Step eight Fold your ribbon in half and tack in place at the top of your second piece of felt. Stitch your remaining Fabric B triangle over the top, encasing the ribbon’s raw edges.

Step nine Layer the two pieces of felt, right sides together. Sew around the sides and bottom. Clip the corners and turn right sides out. Attach your button to the front, underneath the ribbon loop.