Modern Quilt Blocks: Bonus block (week 2)

Modern Quilt Blocks block 2

We’ve got together with the lovely folk over at Art Gallery Fabrics to bring you our 32 Modern Quilt Blocks book with issue 50. Scroll down to find the second block in our series of bonus block designs, here on the blog. We’ll be posting one bonus block a week here on the blog – catch them every Monday while issue 50 is in the shops!

Before you reach for your rotary cutter…

Our 50th issue fun doesn’t end with us sewing up a bonanza of quilt blocks this month! We’re throwing a sewalong over on our Instagram (join in over at @lovequiltingmag and check out the hashtag #lpq32blocksSAL) and for one month only*, UK readers can get 50% off the shop price of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine. *Offer ends 16th August.

And don’t forget to come back next week for your third bonus block tutorial – next time we’ll be having fun with squares!

How to sew bonus block 2 {Modern Quilt Blocks series}

You will need:

Cutting out

  • Fabric A: Two (2) 2in x 612in
  • Fabric B: Four (4) 2in x 3in
  • Fabric C: Two (2) 312in squares

Modern Quilt blocks block 2 figure

How to construct your quilt block

Step one: Draw a diagonal line on the reverse of one Fabric B rectangle, from bottom left to top right. Place RST on the left side of one Fabric C square. Trim through both fabrics, 14in away from the drawn line. Sew along the edge and press open.

Step two: Repeat with the remaining Fabric B rectangle, drawing the line from bottom right to top left. Trim and sew to the right side of the Fabric C square to create one triangle block. Trim to 312in square.

Step three: Create a second triangle block, using the remaining Fabric B rectangles and Fabric C square.

Step four: Sew both triangle blocks together.

Step five: Sew a 2in x 612in strip to each side of your center row.

Sew the full collection of 32 Modern Quilt Blocks with issue 50 of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine.

32 Modern Quilt Blocks Love Patchwork & Quilting

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