Bring on the bling! DIY patchwork gift tags

Patchwork Christmas gift tags.jpg

Shout to the super-talented and lovely Laura Cunningham for designing our awesome glitter gift tags in issue 53. As a special treat, Laura’s created this bonus set of Christmas gift tags just for you here on the blog. Get ready to sew it sparkly… scroll down for the full tutorial.

Sew up Laura’s fun tag designs using print fabrics, vinyl plus glitter and sequins for added sparkle. Stitch shimmering snowglobes, twinkly trees and tasty gingerbread men to give gifts with wow factor! This is a great quick and easy project if you’re new to sewing or looking for a quick weekend or evening project. We’ve got all the instructions, plus free quilters’ templates to get you started below. Let’s go!


How to make glitter patchwork gift tags

You will need…

  • Download our free Christmas gift tag templates
  • Background fabric 4in x 5in
  • Base fabric 212in x 5in
  • Backing fabric 6in x 5in
  • Accent fabric scrap for centre of snowglobe
  • Light weight fusible web 3in square
  • Heavy weight fusible interfacing 6in x 5in
  • 12-gauge clear vinyl 6in x 5in
  • Ribbon 312in length
  • Glitter or Confetti

Finished size

  • Approximately 3inx4in


  • We’ve used 14in seam allowances, unless otherwise noted.
  • SA = seam allowance.
  • Secure your seams by backstitching at the beginning and end of every seam.
  • When sewing vinyl, use a walking foot. If you find the vinyl too sticky, try either a Teflon foot or the DIY version of it (by covering the bottom of the foot with masking tape leaving only a hole big enough for the needle to punch through).
  • Fabrics supplied by Flipflop Fabric Shop

Fabrics used…

  • Vinyl: Premium Clear Vinyl by C&T Publishing
  • Interfacing: Pellon 71F Peltex 
  • Fabric: various Kona cotton solids by Robert Kaufman, Starry Seashell by Alexia Abegg for Cotton and Steel, XOXO Toy Boat Metallic by Cotton and Steel, Little Deer Red by Cotton and Steel and Confetti Pink by Cotton and Steel

Step-by-step snowglobe

How to make the snowglobe tag

Piecing the fabric background

Step one: Apply fusible web as per manufacturer’s instructions onto the wrong side of your accent fabric and cut your piece into the desired shape. Fuse the accent fabric onto the background fabric, 14in from the bottom and centred horizontally. (Fig 1). Topstitch along the edge of the accent fabric.

Glitter gift tags tutorial Fig. 1

Step two: Place the base fabric RST with your background, aligning the bottom edges. Sew along the edge using 1/4in seam allowance. Open out and press the pieced panel.

Finishing the tag

Step three: Fuse the interfacing to the reverse of the pieced panel. Download and print out the Globe template. Centre on top of your background/base fabric and trace around the outer edge using an air erasable pen (Fig 2).

Patchwork tag tutorial Fig. 2

Step four: Place the backing in front of you, right side facing down. Lay the pieced panel on top, right side facing up. Fold the ribbon and carefully tuck it in between the backing and pieced panel, so the raw edges dip below the drawn line. Place the clear vinyl on top (Fig. 3) and hold it all in place using binding clips.

Patchwork gift tags Fig. 3

Step five: Sew along the drawn line through all layers, leaving a small gap at the bottom. Make sure to secure your seams with a few backstitches at the beginning and end. Carefully lift the vinyl and insert as much glitter or confetti as you wish (Fig. 4), before stitching across the gap at the bottom.

Patchwork gift tags Fig. 4

Step six: Trim around the stitched line, leaving 14in around the edge. Make sure you don’t cut off the ribbon that is a little hidden under the pieced fabric.

Patchwork gift tags reverse

How to make the Christmas tree gift tag

You will need…

Step-by-step tree tag

Follow steps 3–6 of the Snowglobe instructions above, fusing the interfacing and tracing the Tree template onto the background fabric.

How to make the gingerbread man gift tag

You will need…

  • Download our free Christmas gift tag templates
  • Background fabric 5in square
  • Backing fabric 5in square
  • Fabric scraps for face and decorations
  • Light weight fusible web 6in square
  • Heavy weight fusible interfacing 5in square
  • 12-gauge clear vinyl 5in square
  • Ribbon 312in length
  • Glitter or Confetti

Step-by-step gingerbread tag

Step one: Download our tfree Christmas gift tag templates and trace the Eye, Pupil, Mouth, Button and Icing shapes onto your fusible web, tracing two eyes, two pupils, one mouth, three button and four icing pieces. Roughly cut out.

Step two: Fuse the eye and icing pieces to white fabric. Fuse the pupil, mouth and button pieces to dark fabric. Cut each piece out along the drawn line.

Step three: Print out the Gingerbread man template. Trace around the template on the right side of your background fabric. Arrange the eye, pupil, mouth, button and icing pieces on the gingerbread man, referring to the photo for placement. Fuse in place.

Step four: Follow steps 3–6 of the Snowglobe instructions to finish your decoration.

Laura Cunningham glitter gift tags

Now find out how to make these matching tags by Laura in issue 53!