How to sew pineapple quilt blocks: it’s easy with our new templates!

LPQ66 How to sew pinapple quilt blocks

This month, we’re getting to grips with the classic Pineapple quilt block! Issue 66 comes with two sets of acrylic templates to make sure your blocks are on point. Can’t wait to get stitching? You’re in the right place.

Understanding your templates

Each set of templates is comprised of a triangle and trapezoid. The smaller set will create a 4in finished square, and the larger set will create an 8in finished square. Each block consists of four rounds, with an inner and outer set of triangles around a central square (Fig 1).

How to sew pineapple quilt blocksCutting out

Step one: Choose one set of templates for either the large or small block, and cut strips of fabric to the required width. You will need 1in wide strips for the small block and 112in wide strips for the large block.

Step two: Use the trapezoid template to cut the strips. To cut pieces for rounds 1 and 2, align the top edge of the trapezoid with one long edge of the strip. Use your rotary cutter to trim both edges. Turn the template over and cut along the right edge. Continue working in this way across the strip.

Step three: To cut pieces for rounds 3 and 4, place the marked line of the trapezoid template at one long edge of the strip, and cut as you did in the previous step.

Step four: Use the triangle template to cut the inner triangles, aligning the marked line with the fabric edge. Use the same method to cut the outer triangles, aligning the bottom edge.

Step five: Use a regular quilting ruler to cut the coloured centre square for each block. Cut a 112in square if you’re making the small block or a 212in square if you’re making the large block.

To create the rainbow pineapple quilt block as shown, cut out the fabrics as follows:

From the background fabric cut:

  • Four (4) inside triangles.
  • Four (4) trapezoids for Round 2.
  • Four (4) trapezoids for Round 4.

From the contrast fabrics cut:

  • One (1) centre square (112in square for the small block, 212in square for the large block)
  • Four (4) trapezoids for Round 1.
  • Four (4) trapezoids for Round 3.
  • Four (4) outside triangles.

Assembling the block

Step six: Sew inner triangles to either side of your central square. Press open. Sew the remaining inner triangles to the other sides (Fig 2).

Step seven: Begin sewing the trapezoids to the block. First sew the round 1 pieces, pressing each one before moving to the next (Fig 3). Then sew rounds 2, 3 and 4 (Fig 4). Finally sew the outer corners to complete the block.