Free patchwork templates: FPP our Pieced Pups

Try out your Foundation Paper Piecing techniques to make a matching trio of fabric  hounds! If you’d like to download the templates for our Pieced Pups project in issue 37, by Juliet Van Der Heijden, you can do so here!

The templates for this fun FPP project are full-size, so all you need to do is print and cut. You can find designer  Juliet Van Der Heijden’s instructions for how to turn these Boxer Dog, Bassett Hound and Scottie Dog templates into marvellous mini quilts inside issue 37 of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine. Some of these templates have had to be split across pages, so double check them against the layout diagrams in the magazine when piecing them together.

Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) tips

  • Remember that the marked side of the foundation (the side you will be stitching) is the reverse of the finished block.
  • To check fabric placement, increase your stitch length and baste two sections together before you sew. Large stitches are easy to remove if you need to sew the seam a second time. If your’e happy, sew the seam directly on top of the basting, using your standard FPP short stitch.
  • Remove papers in reverse order – starting with the final sections sewn and working back to the beginning.
  • Juliet’s blog is packed with tips for Foundation Paper Piecing newbies – check it out for more expert advice.